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Contact lenses for a post-traumatic cornea

Sometimes there are accidents, traumas, ... that can affect the eyes, and more specifically the cornea. This is the surface in charge, with the help of the crystalline lens, to focus the images on the retina.

After a wound in the cornea, usually there is a scar or if it is more serious, a rough surface. The problem is that with a surface that is not smooth, you can never have good optical quality and, therefore, the image that is seen is blurred.

Contact lenses for eyes that have suffered some trauma are rigid gas-permeable. These have the property that achieve a very good quality of vision because its surface is smooth and very regular. This is the case, because the area between the back surface of the contact lens and the cornea is filled with tears and, in this way, the uneven surface of the sole becomes regulated.

The result is a clear vision.

Una còrnia irregular proporciona una mala qualitat de visió

An irregular cornea provides poor vision quality

Una lent de contacte rígida proporciona una superfície regular, aconseguint una imatge nítida

A rigid contact lens provides a regular surface, achieving a sharp image

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