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L´acomodació ens ajuda a enfocar de prop

Accommodation is the ability we have to focus on nearby objects. It is diminishing during life. Thus, at ten years we are able to see clear about 6 cm, reaching the 60 years having lost this ability.


People who suffer from presbyopia will become part of refractive problems, not problems of binocular vision. The accommodative problems that we refer to now correspond to those people who by age have to be able to carry out any close-up task, but that can not stimulate, relax the accommodation sufficiently or get tired very soon.

The typical symptomatology is: blurred vision closely (except distantly intermittently in the accommodative excess), reading fatigue, discomfort and tension in the eyes and difficulty in concentration.

The diagnoses that exist are: accommodative insufficiency, fatigue and inflexibility and accommodative excess.

Treatment is through positive additions or visual therapy.

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