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Hem d´escollir unes ulleres amb una estètica que ens afavoreixi i encaixi amb el nostre estil

When we buy glasses, we all like family and friends to congratulate us on how good we look like. In order to achieve this, you need to follow some tips:

It is necessary to adapt to visual and functional needs: goggles that are protective must be spacious to cover the maximum face. A person with high myopia is better to choose a small frame to reduce the thickness of the lenses.

Normally, with the selection of the frames, we try to emphasize the virtues and disguise the small defects. Thus, in order to hide the bags of the eyes, the frame must match its limits , if you have a very long nose, look for a low bridge to "shorten it", ...

There are different types of faces:

a- Circular face: it stretches vertically, accentuating the upper part of the face. The square and rectangular forms are the most favorable.

b- Square face: soften with rounded shapes. They also help clear colors

c- Triangular face: the butterfly style must be avoided, enhancing the rectangular shapes, with round profiles

d- Oval face: any shape is required.

Also, the glasses must be emphasized as a fashion accessory, as a means of expressing the personality and the style of the wearer. It has to be played with the colors, the thickness of the assemblies (paste, metal or air) so that the aesthetics of the person integrates into a coherent and attractive whole.

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