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Una bona audició ens fa sentir feliços

Hearing, along with the other senses, allows us to connect with the outside world. The human species is very social, we need to be with other people and communicate.

It's normal that as we grow older, we lose hearing. Also, it may be due to certain occupations where there is  a lot of noise or  infections or diseases. When this loss is considerable, it can affect our relationship with our environment. Normally, the person listens but does not understand. For example, the letters "f", "s" or "t" are often hidden by "a", "o" or "u".

There are two main types of hearing loss:

a- Conductive: the problem is at the outer or middle ear. Sound does not come well in the inner ear. The main causes are wax, tympanic perforations, problems in the ossicular chain or fluids in the middle ear.

b- Neurosensory: produced by the aging of nervous fibers of the internal ear. The sound is not transmitted correctly.

In addition a degree of loss (mild, moderate, servere or deep), there is more need for help and more notice of the benefits. At first, you need some patience to get used to.


It is normal that between you are advised to carry hearing aids and buy them, it usually takes some time, but in the end, people recognize that they would have bought it before.

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