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Amb audiòfons, tornar a entendre les converses amb els amics, és possible

Audiology is the science that studies hearing problems and its rehabilitation.

The first thing to do is rule out that there is an active pathology that causes problems. Then the degree of hearing loss is analyzed as well as how many words can repeat from a list. This last test evaluates the understanding, which will give us many clues about the success of the adaptation.

You have to look for the device that is able to provide a comfortable, clear and effortless listening. That is why, at times, it is necessary to test different hearing aids. The perception of the speech depends on each person, since it varies according to the age, the ease of adaptation to the changes, the character, ...

The process of losing hearing is usually very slow and progressive for several years. That is why the hearing aids, once purchased, must be delivered to a low volume in order to facilitate easy adaptation. In these first days, what you are looking for is the comfort of use, which can be carried out throughout the day. After a while, the power increases, increasing the understanding of the words. Finally, it is uploaded again and the person can already understand the word in all kinds of situations.

The acquisition of hearing aids is usually very psychologically costly, people are very reluctant, but once they have decided, most of them recognize that they had done so well before, because they work very well and they give you the happiness of being with others people

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