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Visual field

Un camp visual ampli facilita la visió perifèrica

Visual field is the part that we can see without turning our eyes. In frontal view, the nasal and upper part is 60º, lower 75º and the outer part 100º. By the time, the external part is reduced a bit.

The field of vision gives a wide peripheral vision. It serves to recognize the environment without having to look directly, detect obstacles and react quickly to possible threats.

There are certain pathologies that can reduce it. There are two big groups. Those who have a cause in the eye (glaucoma, pigmented retinosis, retinal detachment, age macular degeneration, ...) in which a part of the field (central or peripheral) is affected and the out of the eye, which are usually neurological (tumors of the pituitary gland, craniofaringiomas, tumors, strokes in the brain ...) in which it is usually affected by half (it can be horizontal or vertical) or a quadrant of the visual field .

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