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Cataracts are a loss of transparency of the crystalline lens, in which first an eye and then the other one becoming opaque.


The most important causes are: elder people (it is the most frequent and well-known of all types), systemic illnesses (diabetes, myotonic dystrophy, atopic dermatitis ...), secondary (previous chronic uveitis, myopia magna, hereditary dystrophies of the retina, ...) and by trauma.

The most prominent symptom is blurry vision, not clear. Also the colors are taking a more pastel tone, there is a significant loss of contrast, at night the visual acuity diminishes greatly and there is a glare that can even be disabling for night driving.


Fons d´ull d´una persona sense cataracta
Fons d´ull d´una d´una persona amb una cataracta mitja
Fons d´ull d´una d´una persona amb una cataracta avançada

No cataracts

Intermediate cataracts

Advanced cataracts

Visió d´una persona sense cataracta
Visió simulada d´una persona amb cataracta mitja
Visió simulada d´una persona amb una cataracta avançada

Simulated images about how cataracts affect vision

If the cataract begins to form through the center of the crystalline (nuclear cataracts) there is an increase in myopia and if the patient is a hyperopic, for some time, vision improves by removing the glasses.

If cataracts start from the back part (posterior subcapsular cataract), there are difficulties at the time of reading and much more glare.


The treatment is surgical. The results of the intervention are very good.

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