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Retinal detachment

Retinal detachment is not very frequent, but it is important to know for the urgency that it is, since if it does not intervene quickly, vision can be lost.

The retina is the receiving layer of light. This can be triggered by three basic causes:

1- Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment: there is a hole or tear where the vitreous enters (usually occurs in older people where this humour has lost viscosity, and when it is more fluid it is introduced for an opening). This type is the most common.

2- Retinal detachment by traction: there is a scarring wound that is contracted and pulls, separating it.

3- Exudative retinal detachment: associated with retinal diseases, inflammation and trauma.

There are sixty percent of patients who before it happens, see flashes of light or floating bodies. After a while, they notice a loss of peripheral visual field that progresses affecting the central visual field. The rest of people do not notice anything at first.

It is an emergency. It is very important to go quickly to the ophthalmologist.

Imatge d´un despreniment de retina

The detached retina is elevated and forming these white wrinkles

Visió simulada d´una persona amb despreniment de retina

Simulated image of retinal detachment

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