During the day, the hearing aid user moves in different acoustic environments. From the silence of the field, to the noise of the street, at home with the family or in a bar watching a soccer match.

Traditionally, hearing aids when in a silent environment amplify the 360º and as there are more noises are closing until they get to focus on the person in front. The reason to do this in this way is because the processors of the hearing aids are not fast enough. The person with a hearing loss feels as if he/she were losing parts of the conversation of the other people that are to the sides.

Now, a family of hearing aids has just been released. It is 50 times faster than the normal ones. This allows us to analyze the acoustic environment throughout the field and balance the different acoustic sources, eliminating noise. The result is a better understanding with less effort.

In a noisy environment, the focus is closed to improve understanding

If there is less noise, the focus opens

With the new technology, it does not matter if there is much or little noise, the device is open 360º

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