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L´ergonomia visual estudia la manera de trobar més comoditat i eficàcia en les condicions d'adaptació d´un lloc de treball, vehicle, ... amb la persona

Visual economics studies the way of finding more comfort and efficiency in the conditions of adaptation of a workplace, vehicle, ... with the person, taking into account their physical and psychological characteristics, when the tasks to be performed imply an important visual requirement.

Lack of ergonomics can lead to visual fatigue, headache, low performance, stress, uncomfortable body positions, ...

There are several factors that can influence:

a) Lighting: the best light is natural, but it is not always possible. Then, there must be a light on the ceiling and, moreover, another on the work we are doing, avoiding that it goes directly to the eye. If the person is right-handed, the lamp must be located to the left and if left-handed, to the right. This is the case, to avoid shadows.

If you work in low light, visual fatigue occurs. The smaller the object to look (less size or contrast), more light is needed to work comfortably.

b) Working distance: it depends on the height of each person. It is recommended that it be the one that goes from the elbow to the clamp that form the index fingers and the thumb. When we are facing a laptop, about 50 cm and when we are facing a desktop, about 70 cm.

Looking closely causes fatigue. Also, the reflections on the screens must be monitored closely.

c) Positions: it is advisable to sit in an adjustable chair that allows us to have the straight back at 90º and the feet that touch the ground. The table is better if you have an incline of about 20º

d) Room: it is better to be painted in neutral colors to avoid tiredness. Very intense colors decrease productivity. It is recommended to orient the table to an open space, if possible. The room must be well ventilated and at an adequate temperature.

e) Rest: it is advised to apply the 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look at 20 seconds at a distant distance (6 meters or 20 feet). Decrease fatigue when we spend a lot of time in front of a screen.

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