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Ull hipermètrop i la seva correcció amb lent positiva

Hyperopia is a refractive defect that occurs because the image of an object that we are looking at far focuses behind the retina.

This is because the eye has low power due to a flat cornea, a crystalline lens with little refractive power or both or an axial length too short.

People who have hyperopia when they are young, the crystalline lens is able to compensate for it by accommodating a bit. At this age, if it is not very high, it is usually seen well at far and tend to get tired in close proximity. Over the age of 40, the tired eyes appear, produced because in the crystalline it is increasingly difficult to focus closely. This means that in a very short space of time, one happens to see difficulties close to having vision problems at far.

Typical symptoms are fluctuating blurred vision, tiredness, red eyes, desire to rub your eyes.

In cases of little quantity, they are usually glasses for reading or distant vision when doing an activity to fix the view. When there is more need, then there are glasses or contact lenses for the whole day.

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