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Innovation is the force that allows us to move forward, do new things, improve, overcome ourselves. Being innovative is an attitude, a way of doing it. It is to lose fear of making mistakes, it is to start again, but it is also enjoying and satisfying when the goal is achieved.

Innovation in our sector has many faces:

a- Commercial innovation: new products, new brands, new solutions constantly appear in each market segment. You need to be careful and select the best of the moment.

b- Technological innovation: in order to achieve professional results, advanced machinery is needed. At the moment, the technology gives us an ease of use and allows us to achieve accuracy never seen.

In the workshop, until recently machines limited you. Right now, you can do almost any shape and size in the lenses.

In the cabinet, there is an unimaginable diagnostic technology a few years ago

In the store, there are interactive digital demonstration tools

c- Innovation of processes: it is the invisible innovation, the one that is not seen but improves customer satisfaction. Process digitization, which increases productivity, improves the quality, the way of distributing the organization and responsibilities, the management of the website, ...

You need to be eager to learn, because it can always be improved.


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