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Lenses of high definition

Normal lenses are spherical. They give a good image quality, but in medium and high prescriptions the image is distorted in the periphery. In order to solve this problem, there are aspheric lenses that, in larger diameters, give wider viewing fields because they do not distort the periphery. They reduce the effect of bigger eyes in positive lenses or smaller eyes in negative ones.

Free-form lenses are those that can be manufactured with point-to-point cutting tools (without the limitation of conventional spherical tools). This has meant a revolution in the world of optics. Each point of the lens is cut according to the mathematical calculations that give a better view without distortion.

Also, lenses can be optimized according to the physiological parameters (inclination of vertical and horizontal frame, distance between the lens and the eye, rotation center, nasopupillary distances, working distance) and behavioral parameters (users of computer, contact lens users).

All this means to the user, fields of peripheral vision without distortion, more vivid colors and a significant improvement in contrast.

Imatge d´una lent esfèrica amb curvatura de camp

Spherical lens that has curvature of field on the periphery in medium and high prescriptions

Imatge d´una lent asfèrica amb poca curvatura de camp

Aspherical lens that has little field curvature in medium and high prescriptions

Imatge d´una lent free-form sense curvatura de camp i més contrast

High-definition free-form lens that presents more intense colors, better contrast and no field curvature

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