Lenses for driving

For daylight

When driving, we should pay attention to the road, but it is normal to look from time to time on the tablier, the side mirrors or the central. For those progressive users, sometimes this intermediate vision of the tablier or the sides, may be that they have little field of vision and have to move their heads more, since progressives are usually optimized in distant and near vision.

There are progressives optimized for driving. They have a very good vision from far and intermediate vision fields improved by almost 50% with respect to the normal ones.

At night

At night, it is normal to be dazzled by the lights of the cars that come in the opposite direction. Lenses with anti-reflex coating meant an important improvement.

There is currently a specific anti-reflex coating for the night. With this treatment, Xenon or LED headlight lights decrease the reflexes on the face.

Simulated images without and with the lens with the specific anti-reflex  treatment at night

For the sun

When it's sunny, when we're on the road, we need sunglasses to keep dazzling. Now, for those people who have to drive very often, there is a specific filter that gives us a superior contrast and brightness.

This is achieved because the lens filters the blue light diffused by the atmosphere. This diffused light superposes to the rest of colors, remaining contrast and brightness.

If, moreover, in this filter it is added the polarization we get the best vision for driving, avoiding glare and reflexes.

Simulated images without, with filter of diffused light and with the filter plus the polarized one

For those who prefer not to change their frames according to sunlight, photochromatic lenses are very practical so they adapt automatically to the circumstances of each moment.

Images of the different degree of darkening with photocromatic lenses

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