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Post-lasik contact lenses

There are people who have benn operated to remove myopia, hypermetropia or astigmatism with lasik and have not been well enough or can not be reintervened or that with time, recover part of the previous refractive defect, presenting an unsatisfactory vision .

The shape of the cornea, with the operation, changes in such a way that normal curvatures are altered. The problem comes when they want to bring contact lenses again, they are not well suited.

Curvatura de la còrnia normal

Natural curvature

Curvatura retocada després d´una intervenció amb lasik

After a lasik intervention, the curvature is not normal

The problem is resolved with reverse geometry contact lenses (they are more central planes than in the periphery). These allow a good centering. They are usually permeable gas contact lenses, This material has the advantage, that any corneal irregularity, which causes a distorted vision, is voided.

The result is a clear vision

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