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Sport lenses

Lenses of great curvature and diameter

There are many sports sunglasses with wide fields of vision and great curvature of the lenses. They are ideal because they protect the eyes very well, both of possible blows and of the sun.

Vista superior d´una ullera de sol amb curvatura normal

Frame with a normal curvature

Vista superior d´una ullera de sol amb gran curvatura

Frame with great curvature

At first these sunglasses could not be graduated because the lateral vision was very affected by distortions of the lenses. From the appearance of free-form technology, with which each point of the lens can be cut according to the mathematical calculations that give a better view, the lens manufacturing limitations have disappeared.

Thus, the new designs have managed to overcome the previous limitations, achieving the following advantages:

a- Comfort so that the central and peripheral prismatic balance avoids over-intensity convergence or divergence due to the difference in side-view prismatic effects.

b- Clear vision because the magnification difference of the image and the difference of prismatic effects between the two eyes is reduced due to the binocular calculation of the lenses

Camp de visió perifèrica desenfocat a causa d´una gran curvatura de les ulleres de sol

The peripheral vision field appears a bit unfocused

Tot i la gran curvatura de les ulleres de sol, el camp de visió perifèrica està enfocat gràcies als nous dissenys free-form

Thanks to the technology of the lens, the peripheral field is focused

Lenses for certain sports

Each person is unique and has their own preferences, but in general, for each particular sport, a determined tone is advised:

Taula explicativa del millor color a escollir de la lent de sol i l´esport practicat
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