Occupational lenses

At work we have to spend many hours every day. It is important that we are comfortable and have a clear vision. In people over forty, there is presbyopia. It consists in the manifest difficulty of focusing objects, texts that are at the usual reading distance.

Most jobs are in close vision, often in front of a computer, but we also have to talk with colleagues, clients, that is, at work we use many different distances. The lens that best suits these circumstances is progressive. The current designs achieve a broad field of vision and an immediate approach.

Some people, however, especially who are in front of a computer screen for a long time, find that the field of vision is not as wide as they would like. A close vision lens usually focuses on the text of a book, documents (usually around 40 cm) and do not focus well on the screen (about 70 cm). In order to solve this need for a clear and comfortable vision in the near distances, the new concept of occupational lenses was born. They are advanced designs based on free-form technology.


There are three categories depending on how far you focus. These lenses give a clear and comfortable view from the distance of a cellphone up to 1m, 2m or 4m. The difference between each type is that as the focus goes further, the field of vision is narrowed.

With near vision lenses, we only focus on the distance of the arms

With some occupationals up to 1 m, the office desk and the computer screen look perfect

With occupationals up to 2 m, the feeling of a broad vision zone increases. It should be noted that in the photo the window and the front table are blurred

With occupationals of up to 4 m, all the faces of the people in the meeting can be seen clearly. The exterior, on the other hand, is not defined

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