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Lenses for digital screens

Blue light filter: it is the most advanced treatment in the current. Very suitable for people who spend time in front of the screen of the computer, tablets, mobiles, ... They filter ultraviolet rays (UV) and blue-violet light. This is a risk factor in the development of age macular degeneration. They can be distinguished because the color of the reflex is purple. Also, there is a manufacturer that offers an additional infrared filter to improve eye health and decrease the appearance of skin wrinkles.

Complementing to the blue light filter, some lenses have been created that help to reduce the fatigue of working with electronic devices:

a- Monofocals free-form for screens: they are lenses that apart from carrying the blue light filter, have a geometry in the lower part that has a graduation reinforcement in order to rest your eyes.

b- Progressives optimized for nearest reading distances (30cm) that the usual reading (40cm) due to the intensive use of the mobile.


Les lents per a pantalles digitals proporcionen protecció a la llum blava i millor imatge a mitja distància
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