Progressives lenses

From about the age of 40, presbyopia appears, that is, a difficulty in focusing in close vision.


Progressive lenses allow us to focus quickly and clearly at all distances: from the phone, a book, computer screen, television or a landscape, without image jumps, in a smooth and continuous way. Unlike the bifocals they do not have any line of separation between the near and far vision.

There are many different manufacturers and models. Because the lenses are transparent, we see them all alike, but in reality they are not the same. The quality of a progressive has a lot to do with: broad vision fields, elimination or reduction of the effect on balance in lateral look and rapidity of focus.

The fast improvements achieved in recent years have been possible thanks to the development of free-form technology: each point of the lens is cut according to the mathematical calculations that give a better view without distortion. There are no previous limitations that only the surface could be cut with spherical cutting tools.


From conventional geometry to free-form design on one side and then on two sides. Also, lenses can be optimized according to the physiological parameters (inclination of the vertical and horizontal frame, distance between the lens and the eye, rotation center, nasopupillary distances, work distance) and behavior parameters (relationship between rotation eye / turn head, lifestyle).


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