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Safety lenses

Labor protection glasses

There are jobs that by their characteristics need glasses in order to protect the eyes of possible impacts, chemicals, sparks, ...

Safety lenses have been designed to not break into a large particle at a high speed. There are two levels of protection when graduated:

a- Level of protection S: mechanical resistance increased. The test is done with a 22 mm diameter bead ball at a speed of 5.1 m / s. It is the protection offered by a refractive index lens 1.5 of CR39 or a lens with 1.67.

b- Protection level F: high-speed impact at low energy. The test is done with a 6 mm thrust ball at a speed of 45 m / s. Polycarbonate lenses offer the safest protection to the impact.

Les ulleres de protecció laboral protegeixen els ulls en el treball

Sport protection goggles

They are recommended in contact sports, such as soccer, basketball and racket sports, in which the balls can pose a risk. In squash, the diameter of the ball is smaller than that of the ocular orbits, increasing much more the danger than in other activities where they are of a larger size.

Les ulleres de protecció esportiva protegeixen els ulls en activitats esportives
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