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Lenses of general use

This lenses are usually white, with anti-scratch or anti-reflex coating:

1- White lenses: they do not carry any treatment. Every day they sell less, because the users  prefer the advantages of anti-reflex coatings.

2- Anti-scratch lenses: organic lenses are very comfortable and lightweight, but if they are not taken care of, they can be scratched more than minerals. In order to improve this fact, a layer of polysiloxanes is deposited on top of the surface that increases its hardness.

3- Lenses with anti-reflex coatings: there are different types

a) Blue light: they are the most advanced treatment in the present time. Very suitable for people who spend time in front of the screen of the computer, tablets, mobiles, ... They filter ultraviolet rays (UV) and blue-violet light. This is a risk factor in the development of age macular degeneration. They can be distinguished because the color of the reflex is purple. Also, there is a manufacturer that offers an additional infrared filter to improve eye health and decrease the appearance of skin wrinkles.

b) UV filter: the rays that pass through the glass are filtered by the material. Those that are reflected on the inside of the lens enter everywhere. This type of antireflexant eliminates the reflected rays, achieving total protection to the UV.

c) For night driving: the anti-refelx is optimized for the led or xenon lights of cars, making it much easier to drive at night.

d) Easy cleaning: on the anti-reflex coating, a hydrophobic layer with anti-static, non-stick and sliding properties is placed to prevent dirt.

e) Anti-fog: with the help of a special cleansing range, it prevents the lenses from fogging.

f) Standard

Diferència de visió entre una lent amb tractament antireflexant i sense

The left half of the lens has anti-reflex coating. Half right, no

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