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Contact lens users lenses

Many contact lens users use more hours than recommended, which can cause eye irritation.


Currently, most people use digital screens, be it computers, tablets or mobiles several hours a day. When we are facing a screen, it blinks less and, therefore, the contact lenses are drying more, producing visual stress.

Specific lenses have been developed for contact lens users. The main advantages are:

a- A special geometry that adapts to the visual behavior of those who wear contact lenses, balancing eye and trunk-cervical movements, offering a more relaxed vision with more visual field.

b- A positive graduation reinforcement in the lower part of the lens to facilitate the smallest reading distance with mobiles, providing a quick and comfortable approach.

c- A blue light antireflecting treatment of the LED lights of digital screens in order to protect the eyes and improve their well-being.

 S´han desenvolupat unes lents específiques per a usuaris de lents de contacte
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