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Induced myopia

Ull miop i la seva correcció amb lent negativa

Induced or acquired myopia is usually due to medications, variations of sugar in blood or other causes. It is transient and reversible.

Typical symptoms are blurred vision at distance. In the case of blood sugar the vision is very variable. When a drug causes it, it depends on the nature of the active ingredient.

Substances that can cause myopia are:

a- Cholinergic agonists: actylcholine, carbacol, neostigmine, fisostigmine, polycarcinate

b- Antibiotics: isoniazid, tetracycline, sulfonamide

c- Antihypertensive: adrenergic, diuretics of the thiazide family

d- Antiangina pectoris: isosorbide dinitrate

g- Anti-allergic drugs: antihistamines

f- Anticonvulsants: metsuximide

g- Agents of the nervous system: morphine, opium, phenothiazines

h-Heavy metals: arsenic

i- Hormones: adenocorticoid hormone, corticosteroids, oral contraceptives

The treatment depends on the withdrawal or change the causative agent, under medical prescription. In the case of diabetics, it is important that they carry very controlled sugar in order to prevent fluctuations in blood.

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