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Pathological myopia

Ull miop i la seva correcció amb lent negativa

Pathological myopia is that myopia that is associated with degenerative changes in the posterior segment of the eye.

Most of the changes are related to an elongation of the axis of the eye (normally up to 24 mm and in this type the average is 30 mm). The retina, which is the part where the images are formed, is more stretched, more tense. There is a thinning, especially the layer of pigmentary epithelium and also of the choroid (it makes nutrients and oxygen reach the outermost layers of the retina).

The biggest dangers are: retinal detachment, glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts.

It is very important every year to make an in-depth exploration of everything in order to be able to control any possible problem.

Retina d´un ull normal

Normal eye fundus

Retina d´una persona amb miopia patològica

Pathological myopic eye fundus

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