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Design and manufacturing of frames


At present, glasses are a fashion accessory and, as such, the firms design stylish, comfortable and functional frames that adapt to the trends of each moment. Every detail is carefully studied so that the end user feels attractive and satisfied with their purchase.

Manufacture of acetate assemblies

Acetate is a material from cotton. The manufacturer of the frame arrives in the form of a plate. Then a numerical control computer cuts the shape of the front and the temples according to the specifications. Then, on the front, a slot is made to hold the glass, the platelets are hung, which lean on the nose and with a press, having warmed it before, the inclination occurs. To increase the resistance of the temples, they are heated and with a machine a metal core is introduced.

Then, the front and the temples are placed in three different drums. Each one of them contains an ever-finer abrasive, in order to make an ever more polished shine. The process in each drum, can last between 8 and 24 hours.

Once finished, the hinges, the embellers, logos and the marking of the hinges with the name of the model are placed. Finally, a polishing by hand and a quality control is carried out.

Manufacture of metal frames

The manufacturer gets some coils with the metal. Then, insert it into a machine that doubles it with the shape of the wall of the designed design. To these hoops, the bridge and the pieces that allocate the nosepads are welded, and afterwards, the hinges. Then, a press gives the right inclination. Finally, the quality control.

This video, which is filmed by the Italian manufacturer of high-end brands Marcolin, shows us the whole process that they have followed to design and manufacture a frame of the prestigious brand Tom Ford

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