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logotipo Optica Visió


Imatge d´un foròpter, instrument utilitzat per a mirar la vista

Optometry is a health science that deals with primary visual attention. Basically, the job consists in:

a- Study the refractive state of the patient, that is, determine if he or she has myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism or presbyopia.

b- Study the binocularity, which consists of coordinating both eyes in order to achieve a simple, clear and comfortable vision.

c- Study the health of the eye and the visual system. Looking for the structures to be well (eyelids, cornea, crystalline, retina, ...) and that the function is adequate (visual acuity, contrast, motility, ...)

Depending on the results, the optometrist advises on the most appropriate choice for each person:

a- When the patient has a refractive problem, the option is contact lenses and / or prescription lenses according to his/her  needs and preferences.

b- When there is a problem of binocular vision, usually different tools are used simultaneously.

c- When there is a pathology, the patient is refered to the ophthalmologist to administer the necessary medical treatment.

d- In those cases, in which, after performing all the possible medical interventions, the person stays with a poor vision, low vision aids can be applied, Low vision seeks through optical and non-optical instruments to maximize the residual vision in order to perform different tasks.

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