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Ull miop i la seva correcció amb lent negativa

Pseudomyopia is really a false myopia. The eye behaves as if it were myopic, that is, it sees badly at far and well at near In fact, there is an overestimulation of the accommodation or a ciliary muscle spasm. It can happen in young people who do an excess of working closely.

The most typical symptoms are fluctuating blurred vision, especially after a long time in close vision and tiredness or headache. In authentic myopia the blurred vision is always, it does not fluctuate and there is no headache.

The person with pseudomyopia looks for myopia glasses to see it clear at far. It is not a solution. Negative glasses further stimulate the accommodation. The solution is to make glasses with positive glasses to relax the accommodation and to do visual therapy exercises in order to restore balance to the visual system.

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