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There are illnesses that result in permanent loss of vision that is not recoverable. low vision deals with making the most of the visual rest and maximizing the independence of the people.

To start, the graduation, visual acuity, the pathology that caused the injury, the age of the person, ... and above all, the degree of acceptance in which the disease has left the view and willingness to take care of them. It is very common to offer real solutions to the patient and because of the state of non-acceptance, prefer not to do anything (hoping to find another optometrist that with glasses solve the problem). It is necessary to wait some time, and then it is usual that they return asking for the solution offered previously.

Often, what is needed is more magnification to read, to watch television ... There are many optical aids, depending on the needs we can use: magnifiers, hand-held o standing magnifying glasses, telemicroscopes, goggles with very high additions if the problem is in close vision. For distant vision, glasses or telescopes.

Sometimes, it is important to study the contrast. A great loss of contrast can be very limiting. There are specific color filters designed to improve the quality of life of certain pathologies (age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa ...) Lighting is also very important.

If there is a central visual field problem, magnificent glasses are made and visual skills are taught. If the difficulty is in the peripheral field of vision, glasses with negative lenses, prisms, inverse telescopes, mirrors and visual abilities are made.

There are a whole series of non-optical help that is very helpful. A lecture to have a more comfortable reading position, rules to keep track of the books line, marks on the tip of the stitches with white tape to avoid falls, ...

Computers, tablets and smartphones are invaluable because they allow us to vary the size, contrast and color of the image according to the needs in a fast and easy way.

In short, there are many solutions to improve the quality of life of all those people with low vision. With them, we can achieve that all these patients do not lose the illusion of doing.

Visió simulada d´una persona amb baixa agudesa visual

There are many pathologies that decrease visual acuity

Visió simulada d´una persona amb degeneració macular associada a l´edat

Age macular degeneration causes loss of central field vision

Visió simulada d´una persona amb cataractes, que provoquen una pèrdua d´agudesa visual i contrast

Cataracts, as well as a loss of significant visual acuity, produce a marked contrast decrease

Visió simulada d´una persona amb glaucoma, que provoca una pèrdua de camp perifèric important

In advanced glaucoma there is a decrease in the peripheral visual field

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