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Ull amb vista cansada i la seva correcció amb lent positiva

Presbyopia is a gradual decrease in the capacity of accommodation, defocusing closely.

In fact, a baby is capable of focusing at 6 cm. As we are doing years, this distance moves away, reaching 60 years at 1 m. But when you really feel the blurry effects closely, it is usually between 40 and 45 years old, because we can not see clear at 40cm which is the most usual working distance.

Typical symptoms are blurred vision closely, delay in the focus from far to near or the opposite, tired eyes, headache, lengthen your arm or seek intense light or the sun.

The most common choice is glasses for near reading at the beginning. Then, progressive lenses or progressive contact lenses. Every three or four years, the prescription must be increased.

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